Chavez: Unity, Historic Need in LatAm, Caribbean

Playa del Carmen, México, Feb 23 (Prensa Latina) The president of Venezuela, Hugo Chavez, affirmed today that unity is a historic need for Latin America.

“Enough of so much colonialism,” said Chavez when reiterating it is the hour of liberty and true independence “which we still have not achieved”, during a press conference at the end of the Summit of Unity of Latin America and the Caribbean celebrated in this Mexican resort.

The Venezuelan leader greeted that the meeting had ratified unanimously to give his country “the great task of starting to organize the summit in July, 2011.”

We hope that next year in Caracas it will be possible to approve the basic principles of the organization, the community, the unity of states or republics which has begun to be born in the continent, added the president.

The President of Venezuela, who extolled the advances of the continent in the area of integration, recognized the value that this new commitment of Latin America and the Caribbean does not include the United States or Canada.

Chavez predicted that “only unity will make us free” and said the idea emerged in this “deep, heroic, Mexico”, that allowed the dream of Bolivar to be reborn.

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