Democracy Is Ensured in Cuban Elections PDF Print E-mail
By PL / redaccion@ahora.cu / Wednesday, 17 March 2010 14:14

About 8.4 million voters, 71 percent of the Cuban people are entitled to participate in the elections this year, whose partial assemblies to nominate candidates are taking place until March 24.

That figure endorses the principles and the democracy that characterize elections in Cuba, which recognizes citizenship and demonstrates its with their remarkable participation.

The experience of the 13 previous elections since 1976 indicates that more than 90 percent of Cubans eligible voters go to the polls, a hard-to-match figure in any other country in the world.

U.S. ideologues, politicians and the press, boast of impeccable democracy when in fact the low voter rate marks a major distrust and indifference of citizens entitled to vote.

The transparency of the Cuban electoral process promotes public confidence toward their political system.

From March 27 in each constituency photos and biographies of the nominees will be placed in public places, so voters who do not know may have elements to vote for the most suitable, considering their merits and virtues .

Let’s not forget that until a few weeks ago the offices of identity cards throughout the country, with the support of the Committees for the Defense of the Revolution, updated the registers of electors in the districts.

This was a necessary step in view of the natural deaths, movements of citizens and incorporation of new voters that arise each year. In the current process 320 thousand young people who reached the age that grants them the right to vote go to swell the Register of Electors.

It is a document that in other nations, known as the “voter” and causing not a few disputes among political parties running for power. Entry is kept in absolute secrecy for reasons always dark, while in Cuba is all public domain, as stated in the Constitution.

Thus there is no room for inclusion of prisoners, dead or invented names … as occurs in other places in the world, where money, lust for power of corrupt politicians and sleight of hand, are the order of the day.

This is a document in which, in Cuba, officially, all citizens will be included and that in many nations, their inhabitants have to access through payments, favors, and other dirty tricks. / AIN


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