World Crisis Has Negative Effects on Labor and Health, says Expert

HAVANA, Cuba, Apr 13 (acn) Andean Health Organism Executive Secretary Oscar Feo said the world economic crisis has negative effects on worldwide labor and health.
Cuban News Agency

Feo addressed the participants at the III Health and Labor Congress underway in Havana to warn on the threat the accumulation of greenhouse gases, resulting from unsustainable development and consumption models, poses to life on Earth.

Feo, a Venezuelan academician, spoke to ACN of the existing contradictions in the world, where technological advances are to increase capital gains for a few instead of well-being and happiness for all.

This current situation translates into social exclusion and health problems for working people and others, he said.

Some of the effects of the world crisis are the growth on the number of children working, the discredit and disbandment of unions and community societies and the emergence of new slavery forms, remarked Feo.

“Man must reconsider the relation he has established with Nature and humankind” and on that regard he cited the International Red Cross report on the spread of malaria, with some 300 to 500 million new cases every year, out of which close to one percent die.

Society must unite in new ways to face the challenges, both in the labor and health spheres, he concluded


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