Cuba Calls for the Creation of General Convention on Terrorism

HAVANA, Cuba, Apr 14 (acn) Cuba proposed the creation of a general convention on international terrorism to put an end to double standards and the politically-biased war on terrorism.
Cuban News Agency

In a communiqué circulated in the UN by its diplomatic mission, Cuba stressed that acts of terrorism have never originated or financed in its territory.

Cuba has an updated legislation regarding terrorism, as well as a juridical system that that prevents those actions and punishes those who engage in them, according to a Prena Latina report.

The document rejects the US list of so-called terror-sponsor nations and denounces the inclusion of Cuba in the list. It reiterates the Cuban support of efforts for bilateral cooperation in the war on international terrorism based on mutual respect of the countries’ sovereignty.

The Cuba Revolution, from the very beginning, has been a target of terrorist actions by Florida-based counterrevolutionary groups financed and trained by the CIA. Those actions have brought considerable human and material losses to the nation.

Those groups have also tried to murder Cuban leader Fidel Castro and other government officials. Their masterminds have been protected by the American authorities and some like Luis Posada Carriles remain unpunished.


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