By Caridad Martínez

Friends from other parts of the world had referred to the kindness of our system as a longed treasure by many people: equality, free education and medical care. They are enough things to put the head on the pillow and sleep in peace.

Luis is Angolan and he was lucky to study in Cuba since he was a child though he was very poor and he could prepare for life in such extent that he is now a top official in his country and he never stops saying: You Cubans don’t know what you have.”

Luis has an adolescent son who he brought to know Cuba the “divine” land and he tells him: “Look how clean, healthy and educated the people in this country are. The country I own all I and you are.

Venancio, another Angolan friend who studied in Cuba since he was a child, always want me to mail him Fidel’s Reflections and says: “Thanks to Papito –pointing to Fidel’s portrait- who wanted that there were in Angola today many Venancitos.”

Venancio is a professor at Agostino Neto University in Luanda and he comes twice a year to his other Motherland to keep on studying. He loves Cuban music and gets moved with the lute’s sound and the Guantanamera song.


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