The Entire Homeland is a Song

By Miguel Terry Valdespino

Homeland, as identity, is not a decree, but a feeling, that is born and kept alive when men and women understand it, respect it and are ready to save it under any political hurricane.
That is Homeland, a concept that no one can rightly define, because it is the addition of million creative peaces, an infinitive addition where architecture, geography, history and the way of walking, laughing, the human relationships, the sense of belonging and justice fit. In fact, a culture that reveals the spirit in the eyes of everybody.
Homeland and National Culture could never be born on the sides, but embraced in the middle of the battle for independence, lightening the way of the other since that October 20, 1868, when Perucho Figueredo, already in full redeeming campaign, wrote the National Anthem to become the highest Cuban symbol for the people from Bayamo; a synthesis of all the anthems, poems, verses, songs, plastic works, novels, dramas, political documents… created ever before or later in view to illuminate and defend the geographical space we believed and believe is not perfect and, at the same time, warm, unrepeatable and sacred.
When the nineteenth century closed its doors, there were the Cubans with the bitter flavor to see the Homeland incomplete, mutilated. But our culture kept on growing, our identity sense in the middle of so many treasons and interventions, until we got to the redeeming goal with the rebel bearded men in 1959.
Finally, Figueredo’s anthem, the anthem of all, could be pleasantly heard and the entire people could see flutter in its flag the many faces of a culture, which mean and malicious persons could not even smudge a corner.

Translator: Caridad Martinez Fernandez


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