“Democracy” is a huge word with many nuances. Its first meaning in The Random House Dictionary of the English Language is “government by the people”. And that’s what we have in Cuba, a government by the people where humans are the most important thing since the very beginning of the triumph of the Cuban revolution despite the scarcity and hardships imposed by an inhumane, unjust and unilateral blockade.

We, Cubans, are the main players in the effective implementation of our rules. Women, children and the elders take the priority places in our society, but in the prevention of a disease everyone matters and everything goes.

Dengue is a dangerous illness that has taken many lives in the Latin American region. Cuba, although in fewer numbers, has also been affected by this evil. So, state authorities fight strongly in the prevention of an epidemic, critical harmful and necessary at all in the current hard times.

In the community “La Corbata”, recently flattered with the visit and songs of Silvio Rodriguez, neighbours and state entities involved waged a campaign against the transmitter agent -mosquitoes–, mainly the Aedes aegipty type.

A command post was created to monitor the whole situation, children have their temperature checked everyday, the zone was fumigated twice the day, and specialized teams oversaw local houses, while others made hygienic the area, all this to eliminate any possible spreading of the disease. If a child had fever was hospitalized to avoid direct contact with other people at home –and in the community too- and had a blood test, so dengue could be confirmed.

All this effort devoted to preserve lives, the most important thing in this democracy of Cuban people; even though resources are poor, the political will is very high. According to official information, in 2009 Cuba allotted 100 million dollars to the elimination of the insect.

This is just an example; anywhere around you can find a lot more.


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  1. This is fantastic news.
    Here is a link to a non-Cuban source, which confirms the work that the Cubans are doing is leading in the world.

    And this report from 2006, stating there are 15,000 people involved in this campaign. Fantastic show of solidarity and organisation by the working people.

    Solidarity and onwards,



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