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An important revelation came up in the trial underway in El Paso, Texas, against Luis Posada Carriles.
In his testimony under oath, January 18, 2011, a Homeland Security official confessed that on behalf of her department she had asked prosecutor Caroline Heck Miller to try Posada Carriles for his criminal activities, but the prosecutor rejected to do it. This happened in August 2005.
At the same time—in August 2005—the Atlanta Court of Appeals decided to annul the trial, held in Miami, in which the five Cubans, who have been held in US prisons for over 12 years now, were accused precisely by prosecutor Heck Miller. In that historic decision, the Atlanta Court of Appeals largely referred to the long record of crimes committed by Posada and other terrorists, which the five Cubans tried to prevent from taking place, and the court described the Miami trial as “a perfect storm” of prejudices and hostility against the five defendants.
What would the Atlanta judges say now when we all know that the very attorney that demanded the worst punishment for Gerardo Hernandez, Ramon Labañino, Antonio Guerrero, Fernando Gonzalez and Rene Gonzalez—known as the Cuban Five—was the same person that prevented Posada from being tried for his crimes?
On January 18, 2011, Heck Miller reappeared in Miami and that day she requested extra time before replying to the habeas corpus petition in favor of Gerardo Hernandez. We can understand her concerns. The arbitrary and unfair accusation against the Cuban Five was only aimed at defending anti-Cuba terrorism, just the favorite task of Miami prosecutors as it has been proven once again in El Paso.
By the way attending the hearing were the representatives of the so-called mass media, which were silent all the time, as they usually do.
version of article by Ricardo Alarcon posted on Cubadebate]


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