Ricardo Alarcon, president of Cuba’s National Assembly, said on Tuesday that the U.S. government is rewriting its double standards in the trial of Luis Posada Carriles, who is just accused of lying and not as a terrorist, while maintaining the long injustice against the Cuban Five, imprisoned in that country for 12 years now.
Alarcon recalled that Caroline Heck Miller, the attorney who prosecuted the Five in Miami, declined to press charges against Posada Carriles for terrorism, which he said, from a legal standpoint, is absolute confirmation of the deceitful attitude and willful transgression of the prosecution in the case.
He added that the official of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, under oath, said she had asked Caroline to prosecute Posada Carriles for his criminal activities and this was refused.
The brilliance, Alarcon said, is that this statement by the official was announced on January 18 and that same day Mrs. Miller requested more time to reply to the request for habeas corpus on behalf of Gerardo Hernandez.
What they have now mounted (in El Paso) is cheap theater. He stressed that Posada Carriles enjoys official protection within the U.S. government with illegal status, in a country where there are 14 million illegals, who they throw out, without a trial.
Around the petition for habeas corpus filed in the case of Gerardo, he explained that the response is expected by mid February, after which the defense would reply and then Judge Joan Lenard would decide.
Only a jury of millions can resolve the situation of Gerardo, said Alarcon, but for this it is necessary for the mass media to multiply the true message, and they are controlled entirely in the U.S. It is therefore necessary to continue hammering to get the truth to the American people.
Gerardo Hernandez is a Hero of the Republic of Cuba, and the government of Cuba will do everything to save him, stressed the President of Parliament, who asserted that terrorism with impunity, shockingly demonstrated in the light of day cannot hide forever, and affirmed his
conviction that someday, not far away, the truth will come to light.

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