Havana’s Provincial People’s Court punished the responsible people for the deaths occurred at the Psychiatric Hospital in January 2010, from 5 to 15 prison terms. The defendants were judged in a public and oral hearing from January 17-22, Granma daily reported.

The local court considered as proved the charges presented by the prosecution and found the defendants guilty according to their specific participation in crimes such as abandonment of disabled and impaired people in its highest degree, given the deaths of several persons; misappropriation and failure to meet the duty of preserving the resources of economic entities. In tune with this, the court imposed sanctions ranging between 5 and 15 prison terms, and the top fine stated by the penal code to another defendant.

According to the sentence, hospital director Wilfredo Castillo was given 15 years; Management vice-director 14 years, and senior dietetics specialist Josefina Diaz 12 years in prison. All were found guilty for the crime of abandonment of disabled and impaired people.

Other persons accused and punished for the crime were the vice-director of the clinical and surgical section Arianna Ramos (10 years); infirmary vice-director Ivo Noa Gonzalez (10 years) and the vice-rector of Psychiatry Susana Borges (7 years).

Punished for misappropriation were the head of the central warehouse Miguel Villalobo (10 years); the chief of the cold room, Alvaro Fidel Castañeda (9 years); the chief of the kitchen brigade, Darwy Marquez (6 years); Logistics and supplies chief Gerardo Miguez (5 years); the second chief of the kitchen-dining room, Dionisio Alfaro (6 years) and Cook Jorge Mateo lay (6 years).

Punished for the crime of Failure to Meet the Duty of Preserving the Goods of Economic Entities was the head of the pharmacy Yanet Perez who was imposed a 6 000-peso fine.

The defendants may appeal the sentences at the Supreme Court in a 10-day term following their notification. Some administrative sanctions were imposed on other persons collaterally responsible for the events.


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