1,000 Delegates Elected to Cuban Party Congress

Prensa Latina

Havana, Cuba, Mar 11.- About 1,000 delegates have been elected to participate in the 6th Congress of the Cuban Communist Party (PCC) April 16-19, Granma newspaper reported on Friday.

Those elections were held during assemblies of municipal and district party secretaries and of party secretaries at equivalent levels in the Revolutionary Armed Forces and Interior Ministry, and included party members living abroad.

Nearly 1,280 pre-candidates for the PCC Central Committee were also approved, comprising a pool from which the final candidates will be selected to be presented to the congress.

Congress delegates and Central Committee pre-candidates were selected as the result of debate and not always by unanimous vote, the Granma note said.

The main theme of the congress is the Economic and Social Policy Guidelines of the Draft Party Program.

Organized discussions of the document by the Cuban people in workplace assemblies and in neighborhood meetings are now coming to a close.

Groups have been designated to meticulously examine all proposals for additions, changes, eliminations, questions and/or concerns, and when their work concludes, a new draft version of the document will be submitted to the party delegates prior to the April meeting, the Granma noter stated.


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