By I. Campo Lazo

Despite the lots of evidence on the face of adversaries, friends, enemies and unbelievers, as newly aired by Cuban Television in one of the chapters of Cuba’ s Reasons series, “Empire’s Pawns”, there are people who want to cover the light of the sun with a finger and try to justify what it’s unjustifiable.

Cubans are not lambs and though we’re critics of our own mistakes, we can perfectly be aware of the need of defending our conquests[1]. Yet, thanks to internet, even when we can’t forget media manipulation, we are informed about world news, make comparisons with the domestic ones and come to our own conclusions. People in Cuba are fighting to improve their living conditions everywhere, but hindered by a prejudicial and unilateral US blockade – and I don’t say embargo, imposed 50 years ago, so dignity and self-determination are gifts of the Revolution.

The indecent US imperialism doesn’t give up its obsolete, even stubborn, goal of undermining the revolution that this brave little island has carried out with success and errors too, since ignores the patriotism of mambises[2] taught to the present generations.

Lies can’t go too far, it’s time to end the inventions, the empire and its agencies must stop fabricating that Cuban puppet dissent at their payrolls to accomplish their sick mission.

Luis Posada Carriles perjury trial still ongoing in El Paso, Texas, that’s another circus! The arguments of the defense are more absurd every time to evade a self-confessed true: Mr. Posada is a terrorist. However, The Cuban Five antiterrorists continue incarcerated unfairly in US prisons, Gerardo Hernandez is serving a double life sentence, how much longer do we have to stand that injustice???!!!

There’s one reality: human being is the most important issue in Cuba, media deceit have distorted this, opportunism gains ground on vulnerable conditions, that is why US is so interested and also desperate for destabilizing our society.

I would suggest to the world not to believe the rough lies of the well-paid dissent not at all authentic in the country, but I wont restrict somebody’ else way of thinking.

Cubans are not asking for any foreign help to solve their domestic problems, who is demanding that aid they (imperialists) are so ready to give? Do they really want to help? Ok, lift the blockade unconditionally, stop financing media campaigns against the island, promoting the Cuban Adjustment Act, feeding Cuban exile community appetite for political ends, banning or punishing third foreign companies willing to negotiate with us, so the list would be even longer; Cuba is not a law breaker nation.

Why has USA become the police of the whole world? Who has given it that post? Does that country have morale to fulfil this heavy task? I don’t think so.

[1] Amongst others it can be cited  the infant mortality rate of 4.5 per 1 000 live births, life expectancy at almost 80 years, the production of interferons, monoclonal antibodies, interleukins, and thrombolytic agents, for export and internal use as advances in Cuban biotechnology field, etc.

[2] Cuban fighters for the independence from Spanish colonialism


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