Resounding Condemnation in Barbados over Acquittal of Posada Carriles

From Granma

The recent acquittal of terrorist Luis Posada Carriles is a clear contradiction of current US policy regarding international terrorism, said Anton Allahar, a renowned researcher from the University of Western Ontario, Canada.

Allahar gave a conference to students, academics and diplomats on Wednesday at the Cave Hill Campus at the University of the West Indies, Barbados, reported Prensa Latina.
The renowned academic condemned the recent decision by an El Paso, Texas court that found Luis Posada Carriles not guilty on charges of perjury and immigration fraud, instead of facing charges of premeditated murder —for the bombing deaths of 73 people who died in a Cuban airliner on Oct. 6, 1976, and other crimes.
The perjury and immigration fraud charges are related to Posada’s illegal and secret entry into the United States in late March 2005, when he lied to US immigration officials.
Posada Carriles is infamous in Latin America for the decades of terrorism he has practiced. For example he was the mastermind behind a series of hotel bombings in Havana hotels in the summer of 1997. In one of those bombings, an Italian tourist, Fabio Di Celmo, was killed in the Copacabana Hotel in Havana.

The US government is fully aware of his murderous crimes, because he carried them out in various Latin American countries on behalf of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).

Posada Carriles has a long history—since at least 1959—of carrying out numerous terrorist attacks on behalf of the CIA against the Cuban revolution and other progressive Latin American movements.
In the 1970s, Posada was recommended by the CIA to help head up the intelligence police, the DISIP, of Venezuela. It was there that Posada hunted down, tortured and murdered Venezuelan progressive activists.
While working in the DISIP, Posada and Orlando Bosch paid two men, Hernan Ricardo and Freddy Lugo, to board Cubana flight 455 on Oct. 6, 1976, bound from Caracas to Barbados and then Cuba. After they planted two bombs, Ricardo and Lugo exited the plane in Barbados on its stopover. Several minutes after takeoff, the bombs exploded. All passengers and crew died, after a heroic but futile struggle by pilot Wilfredo Perez Perez.
While Posada awaited a civilian trial in Venezuela for the crime, he escaped from prison in 1985 after the secret intervention of US operatives. From there, Posada continued to conduct his bloody terror in El Salvador as a close operative of Oliver North in the arming of Nicaraguan contras, and in Panama, where he planned to assassinate Cuban President Fidel Castro, in November 2000.

Venezuela continues to press its extradition order for Posada that it filed with the US State Department in June 2005.
The US elite are accomplices of the anti-Cuban ultra-rightwing factor in Miami and still dream of overthrowing the socialist project in Cuba, said Anton Allahar.
He added that this has only strengthened the determination of the Cuban people to fight for the liberty of five Cubans who have spent more than 12 years in US prisons for their efforts to penetrate these anti-Cuban groups to uncover information about terrorist activities being planned and carried out against Cuba by ultra-rightwing organizations based in southern Florida with a long record of terrorist actions against Cuba and the Cuban people. When they turned their information over to authorities they were arrested and have been in jail ever since.
In a trial plagued with irregularities and held in a highly biased Miami court, the Cuban Five —Gerardo Hernández, Ramón Labañino, Fernando González, Antonio Guerrero and René González— were given harsh sentences ranging from 15 years to consecutive life terms plus 15 years.


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