Cuba to Begin Second Phase of National Anti-polio Vaccination Campaign

According to the Granma newspaper, until April 28, children under three years old vaccinated last March will receive another dose (two drops orally), while nine-year-old children will receive a re-activation dose.
This campaign has been conducted, as traditionally, at the policlinics with the support of the Committees for the Defense of the Revolution (CDR) and other grass-roots organizations.
Granma recalls that this vaccine should not be administered to children allergic to any of its components; those suffering from immunodeficiency disorders or those with high fever, vomits or diarrhea.
It adds that the infants should not drink water 30 minutes before or after taking the drops as chlorine does not allow the vaccine to be effective.
Poliomyelitis is a highly contagious viral and infectious disease that affects the central nervous system causing permanent paralysis and even death, mainly in children between five and ten years old.
Before the Triumph of the Revolution, Cuba registered an average rate of 300 cases annually.
Cuba began massive annual campaigns in 1962, and up to the present day the Cuban doctors have applied more than 79 million doses of this vaccine; therefore, the Cuban population under 62 years old is protected against this disease.


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