After They Passed the nNew Nuremburg Laws

After They Passed the nNew Nuremburg Laws

by: Gary Hicks 16.Dec

after they passed the new nuremburg lawsafter the longyears of accomodationcomes the occupyto say no to everythingto say yes to everythingto tell a majoritywe don’t have to live in the old wayand then likethe rat in the corner comesthe occupationto say no to usto say yes to constantlyresurrectingpharaoh andpriest-guardiansof the wealthcreated by all butenjoyed by fewto confirm thatfranklin of fed reservebenjamins famewas right whenway back whenhe warned thata country tradingliberty for securitywould have neitherand some of uslook at these newchildren of thealien and seditionfugitive slavedred scottjim crowcriminal anarchyanticommunistlaws and we knowfrom past timesthese laws are justitching to be broken and the standards andflags once againstrewn at thefeet of a newlytriumphant red army havingcaptured that city havingthe effronteryto be thenew berlin ofa fourth reichabout whicheven now peoplethe world overare placing theirwagers on howlong this monsterwill last.


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