Ban Ki Moon Alerts on Arctic Melting and Extreme Climate

HAVANA, Cuba, Dec 5 (ACN) United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki Moon warned on Tuesday about the stepped-up melting of arctic ice as he addressed representatives of nearly 200 countries, gathered in Doha, Qatar, to reach agreement on a second compromise relevant to the Kyoto Protocol.

Cuban News Agency

During the Conference of the Parties of the UN Convention on Climate Change (COP 18), Ki Moon stressed that nobody is out of the reach of climate change; it is a real challenge on humanity, on our ways of living and our plans for the future.

He pointed to the fast melting of arctic ice and to droughts that have done away with basic crops from the United States to India and from Ukraine to Brazil. Ki Moon also said that the devastating effects of hurricane Sandy in the Caribbean and the U.S. are a sign to be on the alert.

The top UN official is reportedly trying to boost negotiations at the 28th COP 18 Conference, underway in Qatar since November 26 to December 7. But the negotiations are in a standstill do to the lack of will on the part of industrialized nations to reach a binding agreement for a second compromise with the Kyoto Protocol, which expires in this month.

During the COP 15 Conference in Copenhagen, Denmark, industrialized countries imposed a non-binding accord that had no objectives to reduce environment-harming gasses. The document only included the intention to limit to two centigrade degrees the increase of global temperature, according to international media.

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