Oriente Editorial With Angolan Authors in Cuban Book Fair

Santiago de Cuba, Jan 24 (Prensa Latina) Oriente publishing company will present three books of Angolan authors during the 22nd Havana’s International Book Fair, which begins next February 14 next, dedicated to the African nation.

“The money tracker” by Roderick Nahone, “Passage Rites” by Ana Paula Tavares, and “Undocked Stories and Memories by Antonio Fonseca, are the titles that will be released by the writers Jesus David Curbelo and Teresa Melo.

Other proposals of this Santiago’s company will be “The Cuban Way” by Janet Ortiz, with a pleasant approach to the mark of the Cuban cuisine in the formation of national identity, and “Many Years Ago a Young Traveler”, with testimony from Renee Mendez Capote.

“Sounds like Cuba” by Arturo Arango and Norberto Codina, is another of the volumes to be presented. This work includes interviews with popular musicians, published in La Gaceta de Cuba journal.

Also “Ancestry Roses” by Cuban-American Sonia Rivero Valdés will be presented.

National Literature Prize Daniel Chavarria, to whom the event is also dedicated, will present the reissue of “That Year in Madrid” , in the Fiction collection, while in Heredia collection, of poetry, “Black Hole” is presented, written by Edelmis Anoceto.

With a prestigious record of over 40 years, the Oriente publishing company was the first national company based outside the Cuban capital and includes various publications in its catalogue, in order to reach a wide readership.

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