Ballot Boxes in Cuban Hospitals Allow Patients to Vote at General Election

urnas de votosHOLGUIN, Cuba, Feb 3 (ACN) Hospitalized Cubans like Mirta Infante have been able to cast their ballots at Sunday’s general elections as electoral authorities set up ballot boxes in health centers to guarantee the right of the population to exercise their vote.

Infante is an over-70-year-old citizen hospitalized in the oncology ward of the Vladimir Ilich Lenin General Hospital in this eastern city. However, her health condition did not prevent her from casting her ballot at a special voting station set up in the health institution.

Mirta, a citizen from the municipality of Guardalavaca, was hospitalized January 30, but she said she always knew she would be able to participate in the electoral process underway today throughout the island.
“I voted for the Revolution, for Fidel and Raul, because socialism is the best thing I would not change for any other system,” Mirta told ACN news agency.

Alberto Ruz, 73, is another patient who, after casting his ballot also at the hospital, said that Cuban elections are marked by their crystal clear transparency. “Here there are no tricks, but transparency, quite different from what used to happen before the triumph of the Revolution; in those times, the acting rulers’ money and ambition would determine the course of the elections,” he pointed out.

Mirta and Alberto are two of many Holguin citizens, who are casting their ballots at nearly 3 thousand voting stations set up in the province to elect 102 delegates to the provincial government and 55 Parliament deputies.
In all, 29 thousand 957 voting stations opened throughout the country Sunday morning at 7 to over 8 million voters who will elect 612 Parliament deputies and the delegates to all provincial assemblies.

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