Elections in Cuba and the Immortal Example

By Sonia Salanueva

Millions of Cubans cast their right to vote to elect those who will form the government at different instances.

Unlike other countries, polls are guarded by pioneers and people come to cast their direct and secret vote voluntarily, with no pressure at all.

The leaders of our country showed up to vote, President Raul Castro voted for the Eastern region of Santiago de Cuba.

People in Cuba had been long awaited the public appearance of our everlasting President Fidel Castro, now at the polls, he went to his polling station and cast his ballots with full awareness as an ordinary Cuban citizen, but people rather see him as an immortal example, though away from government position, his work and illustrious ideas will last for ever.

Some people say he looks old, but only externally, because his mind is clear and his attitude continues firm as everyman who has always taught by example and who was able to overcome at all times and periods to give his best for people and humanity.

Fidel is commitment, dedication, devotion, solidarity, selflessness, a great sense of duty and humanism, he’s an example to follow. So, Cuban people and the vast majority of men, women and children who have little or nothing to live on take him in their hearts as a symbol of humanism and devotion to the revolutionary cause everywhere.

Translation by Inalvys Campo Lazo


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