USA Prepares Regional War in the Middle East

Ottawa, May 23 (Prensa Latina) Hidden behind alleged peace talks between, the United States is preparing a regional war, denounced today the Canadian alternative publication Global Research.

Using as background curtain the peace talks between the Syrian government and Western-backed “rebels”, Secretary of State, John Kerry, met with US allies to prepare for region-wide war, says the digital publication.

The text addresses as part of the preparations the sales of sophisticated US arms to the Sultanate of Oman, which raises, is part of the fence that Washington is erecting around Iran, for some analysts the ultimate goal of a conflict in the area.

The text also talks about Kerry’s trip to Amman, Jordan, where he participated in a meeting of “Friends of Syria”, a US-led coalition of the willing that is fomenting the war for regime change in Syria.

It adds that the US foreign minister comes under peace talks to be held in Geneva, Switzerland, to boost a military action that favors Western-backed forces inside Syria.

The proposed talks on Syria are a pretext for Washington to increase the escalation of the intervention against the Arab government, says.

Kerry’s visit to the area coincided with a decision of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee approved by a 15-to-3 vote a proposal for Washington to directly arm the opposition militias, most of them composed of mercenaries and terrorists linked to the al-Qaeda terrorist network.


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