USA Should Be Included on Terrorist Countries List

Havana, Jun 4 (Prensa Latina) The United States should be included on the list of sponsors of international terrorism because it shelters criminal groups in its territory, and has an established record of relationships with other terrorists worldwide, a renowned curator and philanthropist said today.

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After describing as irrational and absurd the fact that the U.S. State Department continues to keep Cuba on its unilateral list, U.S. American Gilbert Brownstone, president of the foundation that bears his name, told Prensa Latina via email that Washington ought to offer an explanation to Cuba for its inclusion on such a list.

According to Brownstone, “The U.S. is totally hypocritical with such double standards,” and recalled the damage and thousands of deaths caused on the Caribbean island due to plans organized and financed from Florida by criminal groups, in most cases with the tolerance of authorities.

The controversial annual State Department report for 2012 identifies Cuba, Iran, Sudan, and Syria as alleged shelters for individuals linked to extremist groups. The blacklist which has been distributed each year since 1979 also includes a total of 51 foreign organizations. Its content has been rejected by the Cuban Ministry of Foreign Affairs, considering it to be deliberately mendacious.

Brownstone is one of the public figures who is participating in the Second “Five Days for the Cuban Five” campaign in Washington DC, in which representatives from 23 nations demand a change in policy toward Havana from the White House, and the release of the Cuban anti-terrorist fighters still held in U.S. prisons.


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