European Brigade Demands Release of Cuban Five

Havana, July 16 (Prensa Latina) Members of the 43rd European Jose Marti Brigade of Solidarity with Cuba demanded today the prompt return of the anti-terrorist Cuban fighters unfairly held in US prisons since 1998.

Gerardo Hernández, Antonio Guerrero, Fernando González, Ramón Labañino and René González were detained and given harsh pruison sentences for monitoring Miami-based terrorist groups operating against Cuba.

Alter serving his prison sentence, Rene Gonzalez was given an additional three-year punishment supervised release, but those terms were modified by Judge Joan Lenard on May 3. Lenard accepted Gonzalezâ�Ö stay in Cuba in exchange for his giving up his US citizenship.

In a joint statement released at Julio Antonio Mella International Camp, the members of the solidarity brigade agreed to intensify the struggle for the release of these heroes, internationally known as The Cuban Five.

They expressed their willingness to use different means and spaces to made public the details of the case, marked from the beginning by irregularities and a ferocious media campaign funded by the US Government.

“We reiterate that only international solidarity and unity of actions of honest men and women worldwide will break the chains of this injustice and make possible our brothersâ�Ö return home,” said the text.

The members of the 43rd European brigade are doing voluntary work in the fields near their camp, in Caimito municipality, in Artemisa province, 60 km of Havana.

The contingent has members from 13 nations, including Italy, Spain, Sweden, France, Britain, Russia, Belarus and Belgium.

During their stay in Cuba they are scheduled to meet with athletes, members of the Young Communist League, the Federation of Cuban Women, the Federation of University Students and the Cuban Workers Confederation (CTC.)

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