Anti-imperialist Summit Starts in Cochabamba, Bolivia

bolivia-bandera1Cochabamba, Bolivia, Jul 31 (Prensa Latina) Anti-imperialist Summit convened by the Bolivian Social Pact starts today in this central city of the country.
Vice President Alvaro Garcia Linera and Foreign Minister David Choquehuanca are expected to attend the opening ceremony.

Foreign Minister and President of the Plurinational Legislative Assembly will be the last speakers of a day that will began with the accreditation of the delegations invited to the meeting, some of which came here from Tuesday.

The first to arrive were the Nicaraguan, representatives of the Sandinist Youth July 19, while for the first hours today is expected the arrival of Cuban representatives and the majority of the Argentine delegates.

The official activities will begin shortly before noon at the Hotel Cochabamba, main headquarter and village of the event, with speeches by representatives of each social movements, which will precede Coquehuanca and Garcia Linera.

On Thursday will continue the work in commissions (five), also in the abovementioned hotel, while on Friday it is expected a massive act at the central avenue Blanco Galindo, which will be headed by Presedent Evo Morales.

The so-called Anti-imperialist Summit was convened earlier July for five Bolivian social organizations in order to condemn the ban imposed by France, Spain, Italy and Portugal to Preseidnt Evo Morales on his return from the Forum of Gas Exporting Nations and a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin, in Europe last July 2.

From the first moment, governments and social organizations around the world expressed their rejection to the positions of those governments, which, in the following weeks, offered his apologies to the Bolivian president.

In the Cochabamba Summit, according to figures provided by the organizers, should participate 1,200 people from more than a dozen countries, five of which were already in the venue at the end of the previous evening.

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