U.S Prison in Guantanamo Spends One Billion USD a Year

guantanamoWashington, Jul 31 (Prensa Latina) The Pentagon admitted that the prison in the United States (U.S.) naval base in Guantanamo, East of Cuba, spends around $1 billion USD annually, and the total amount would reach $5 billion USD in 2014.
Washington has maintained a prison in that base since 2002, located in Cuban territory, against the will of the people and Government of the Caribbean island.

The average expense of each prisoner in $2.7 million USD a year, the highest per capita figure calculated so far, which includes the cost of the approximately 2,000 military men that guarantee security in the prison and stay there in rotations that fluctuate between nine months and one year.

The cost for 2013 reaches more than $454 million USD and includes the funds to operate and extend the installations, as well as the salaries of the personnel, said a report by the Comptroller’s Office of the Defense Department, presented to the Senate Committee on the Judiciary.

However, according to the newspaper Stars and Stripes, probably the real amount exceeds the figures mentioned before, because they do not include the modern installations, built in 2004, in which more than $13 million USD were invested, or the so-called Camp 7, used by the CIA, the budget of which is secret.

A similar report revealed by the media in 2011 said the cost per prisoner at that time was $800,000 USD and it was considered the most expensive prison in the world, when there were 171 prisoners and 1,850 security guards.

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