Nature Travel is a Challenge, Says Cuban Expert

cnapBayamo, Cuba, Sep 25 (Prensa Latina) Nature tourism is a challenge today amid concerns about environmental protection, according to Maritza García, director of Cuba’s National Center of Protected Areas. Garcia offered details about her center’s work during the first day of a conference associated with the 9th Nature Travel Event, which will be meeting all week at the Hotel Sierra Maestra.

García told 160 delegates frpm 10 countries about the efforts of Cuban authorities to boost environmental tourism, but to defend the environment above all.

Cuba has a National System of Protected Areas to oversee this work, based on a legal and constitutional framework, she explained.

A plan to be implemented from 2014 to 2020 includes 77 nationally important protected areas and 134 locally important areas, for a total of 211 identified protected area, she reported.

Protected areas cover up to 20.20 percent of the country’s total territory, including 24.96 percent of the insular platform and 17.16 percent of the land surface.

Worldwide, protected areas total just 12.7 percent of land surface and 1.6 percent of marine areas, which makes Cuba’s efforts in this regard striking, García said.

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