Washington’s Blockade of Cuba Affects International Banking System

1385597730jose-pertierraIn a release this week the Cuban Interest Section announced its closing of consular services after the bank’s measure, which joined other restrictive and hostilie actions against Cuba.

Lawyer Pertierra said recalled that Credit Suisse was fined 536 million dollars by the US for crossing the line in the economic blockade against Cuba and some months back the Italian bank Intesa San Paolo was fined three million dollars by the US Government for conducting financial operations in which Cuba was involved.

London´s Lloyds Bank is another of the victims of the US Government. For conducting normal bank operations in which Cuba participated, this well-known bank was fined 80 million dollars by Washington.

Having Cuba as a client is too risky and financially expensive to the world’s banks as a result of the illegal US persecution of the Caribbean island’s financial transactions, Pertierra said and noted that the forced closing of normal consular services by Cuban diplomatic offices in the United States poses a tragedy for the Cuban family.

Cubans on both sides of the Florida Straight hope for normality. That means coming and going and gathering as families and friends, just as the Mexicans, Salvadoreans and the Irish do, just to mention a few nationalities, the noted lawyers added.

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