Mariela Castro: Sustainable development Requires Political Will

United Nations, Feb 13 (Prensa Latina) Cuban legislator and sexologist Mariela Castro Espin stated here that making progresses towards sustainable development in the world requires the political will of the governments, with a concrete action in legislative, financial and human rights issues.

We need that the new objectives for sustainable development do not remain in mere speeches, we need commitment to overcome obstacles and challenges in inclusion, equality and justice matter, the island’s legislator told Prensa Latina.

Castro Espin, who is a member of the Top-Level Working Group for International Conference on Population and Development, attended a forum at the UN headquarters to outline the post-2015 goals, when the deadline for compliance with the eight millennium goals set 14 years ago is about to expire.

For the legislator, “powerful and shocking statistics speak themselves of the urgency to show responsibility and take decisions in function of human rights of the peoples.”

Particularly, the director of the National Center for Sex Education in Cuba analyzed the situation of millions of women and girls, one of the most vulnerable sectors facing the phenomenon of social exclusion and inequity.

According to the sexologist, the new objectives to define have to be concrete and measurable, as of experiences received about the materialization of the millennium goals, one of them below humanity’s needs.


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