US Choir Yale Glee Club Brings Music to Havana

cubandemocracyHavana, Mar 13 (Prensa Latina) The Yale Glee Club choir from the United States, comprised of students from that prestigious university, is giving a single concert today at the Minor Basilica of the Convent of St. Francis of Assisi in Havana.

The vocal group is touring Cuba from March 10 to 15, with performances and cultural exchanges in Havana and Matanzas.

Along with Cuban choir Entrevoces, directed by Digna Guerra, the Yale Glee Club will perform many pieces of Caribbean music, among them, compositions by Guido Lopez-Gavilan, one of the most prestigious contemporary musicians on this island.

According to Jeffrey Douma, musical director of the project at Yale University, Cuba is a very musical country, and has excellent choirs.

During a previous visit, Douma became acquainted with many Cuban songs, such as “El bodeguero”(The Shopkeeper), which it now includes in its repertoire.

According to choir critics in the U.S., the Yale Glee Club choir is among the best university choral groups in that country.

Its beginnings date from 1863, when it was solely comprised of men. Now the group has 80 male and female voices, and a varied repertoire that goes from the Renaissance to contemporary times.


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