Cuban Website Warns About New US War Strategies

eeuu banderaHavana, Apr 10 (Prensa Latina) The people should be aware of and prepared to face the US war strategies, as the non-conventional war, according to an article published today by the Cuban website Cubahora.

Cuban Journalist Norelys Morales Aguilera siad that while Washington is forced to reduce its funds for the Pentagon, it increases to unprecedented levels the resources for the Special Operation Forces (SOF), which work in tight cooperation with intelligence agencies.

That is the new war of president Barack Obama, with its Smart Power and the Soft Power, with the participation of foundations and including financing, equipment, training, mercenaries, manipulation, sophisticated espionage and great pressure by the media, the article said.

The article also says the objective is to undermine the foundations of the legitimate Governments that do not yield to the interests of the White House, as shown by the SOF Training Circular 18-01, published in November, 2010, entitled “The Non-Conventional War.”

The text makes reference to the role of groups and non-governmental organizations as Open Society, of George Soros, Freedom House and the Institution Albert Einstein, of Gene Sharp, sponsored by US Government entities in the so-called Color Revolutions in Europe.

The mentioned US Army circular synthesizes the US military experiences and mentions countries where it carried out operations with minimum participation to put pressure on an adversary: the Baltic States (Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia), Guatemala, Albania, Tibet, Indonesia, Cuba, North Vietnam, Afghanistan or Nicaragua.

As part of those US destabilizing efforts, through the International Aid Agency (USAID), it implemented an illegal secret platform in 2009, called ZunZuneo, to boost a Cuban Twitter and manipulate sectors of the population, with political messages.

Cuban President Raul Castro denounced recently the new forms of aggression applied in countries as Ukraine and Venezuela. The head of State warned about plans to apply the non-conventional war against Cuba, especially to influence young people.


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