Cuba and Russia Develop Project for Regional Firefighters Center

HAVANA, Cuba, Jun 18 (acn) The Headquarters of Cuban Fire Department (CBC by its Spanish acronym) announced the existence of a project, which is in its development stage, for Cuba-Russia Regional Centre for Rescue Training and Firemen (CRESB by its Spanish acronym).

The aim of the institution is to strengthen the capacity of Latin America and the Caribbean countries to prevent, cope with and recover from disasters and other emergencies, Colonel Luis Carlos Guzman Matos, CBC head, said.

Guzman Matos spoke at the 5th Firemen International Conference, based at Havana Conventions Palace, in presence of professionals from 22 countries, some of whom come from Latin America.

According to the official, CRESB will provide instruments for equipments in specialized classrooms, laboratories, intensive training complex, specialized vehicles for the teaching process and firefighting, search and rescue, as well as training of chosen personnel.

CRESB lies in the National Fire College and will be visited on Thursday by people attending the event, which ends a day later, according to CBC experts, institution that is improving the training system of its forces.

The 5th Firemen International Conference is part of the 9 th International Congress on Disaster, which is also running in the same venue.

The Cuban program on tackling climate change includes the forecast of sea level rising impact for 2050 and 2100, Major General Ramon Pardo Guerra, Chief of the National Civil Defense General Staff, said at the opening ceremony.

These long term estimates are contained in a macro-project on coastal hazards and vulnerabilities that are taken into account when planning the economic and social development of the country, Pardo Guerra stated.


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