Responsible for Quadruple Murder Sentenced in Cuba

Havana, Feb 16 (Prensa Latina) The seven people responsible for a quadruple murder related to an alleged illegal departure of the country last year were condemned to sentences ranging from life term to eight years of imprisonment.

The Criminal Court in the Popular Provincial Court of Artemisa, west of Cuba, sentenced the individuals after proving they designed a plan together to appropriate the money of those interested in leaving the country, Granma newspaper said on Friday.

About 11 people were enrolled in the initiative and the organizers made sure that on Jun. 7, 2014, travellers carried with them the money agreed for the departure.

According to the newspaper’s version, it was also proved that Jorge Luis Salazar Ricardo and Reinier Armas Garcia (sentenced to life imprisonment) asked Orlando Gutierrez Padilla to take in a tricycle those who wanted to leave the country to a farm in Bauta municipality.

Taking advantage of their superiority, the darkness and terrain conditions, they proceeded to attack deliberately five of them, killing four.

It was also proved that two years before defendants Yassel Montero Vazquez (22 years of imprisonment), Salazar Ricardo, Armas Garcia and Rafael Sanchez Hernandez (25), violently took someone else’s money with similar modus operandi under the false belief of an illegal departure of the country.

The court also condemned Michel Luis Garcia Urgelles to 10 years of imprisonment for the crime of people smuggling, while Yusniel Grimont Sanchez and Jorge Ramon Suarez Leon were sentenced to eight years in prison.

In addition of the corresponding penalties, Salazar Ricardo and Armas Garcia were civilly declared responsible for the events committed and should compensate the families of the victims.

Against the dictated sentence, the defendants and also the Attorney would have the right to establish an appeal at the Criminal Court in the Popular Provincial Court.

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