US Ex-Officials File Affidavit Against Trump Immigration Order

The group, composed of 10 former diplomats and senior security officials, described the executive directive as ‘poorly conceived, poorly implemented and poorly explained,’ NBC News reported.

According to the text of the affidavit, the order cannot be justified on grounds of national security or foreign policy, since it does not fulfill its declared task of protecting the nation from the entry of foreign terrorists.

The document, also endorsed by former Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano and former CIA Director Michael Hayden, stressed that in fact very few attacks against US territory since that time have been linked with foreign citizens.

The former officials urged Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals not to reinstate the entry ban while deciding whether the president has the legal or constitutional authority to issue that order.

Trump signed on January 27 a directive banning the arrival of people from seven Muslim-majority countries for 90 days, and blocking the refugee program for four months, in the case of the Syrians, indefinitely.

See more Washington, Feb 6 (Prensa Latina) Several former US officials filed an affidavit against the immigration order signed by President Donald Trump, saying it made the country less secure, local media reported today.


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