Delay in US Congress to Debate Trade with Cuba Decried

Washington, Mar 14 (Prensa Latina) Republican representative for Kentucky James Comer lamented today the slow pace of US Congress to move towards allowing trade with Cuba and lift the economic, commercial and financial blockade that Washington has been enforcing against the island for over 50 years.

We must negotiate with Cuba, the population of this Caribbean nation is about 11 million people and most of its imports come from Central and South America, China and Europe, he told local media.

The congressman, who recently made a trip to the greater Antilles along with four other lawmakers from his Party, assured that he hopes to become a leader of the movement to eliminate the siege.

Sometimes Congress is slow to move, and unfortunately the Republican Party has been on the wrong side of this issue, I think it’s time to move on, we must lift the blockade, he told the WKMS radio station in Kentucky.

Comer said his message to the administration of Donald Trump is that Cuba is a good first country to start bilateral trade talks.

He highlighted the possibilities offered by the island to North American farmers and the existence of a tourism industry that is developing every day, which shows it as a market with potential to grow.

From the other side, he said, Cuban exports would include fruits, coffee, rum and tobacco, products that would not be in competition with US agribusiness.

Washington and Havana reestablished diplomatic relations in July 2015 and in recent months both parties signed dozens of memorandums of understanding in various areas of interest in the midst of a process aimed at normalizing their bilateral ties.

However, the Cuban authorities consider that the main obstacle to achieving this goal is the siege established more than half a century ago, which, among other things, hinders the normal development of commercial ties.



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