Trump Describes as False News Alleged Ties with Russia

Washington, Mar 20 (Prensa Latina) President Donald Trump has referred today to the alleged ties of his campaign team with Russia as a false news and everyone knows, he said.

The head of State posted on his personal Twitter account that the Democrats invented and pushed the Russian history as an excuse for having carried out a terrible campaign.

The real story that the Congress, the FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) and all others should investigate, is the leakage of classified information, he said.

Trump made those comments the same day that the House Intelligence Committee will hold a public hearing on alleged ties.

The head of that legislative group, Devin Nunes, told local media yesterday that no evidence to support the alleged ties has not seen so far.

I will give a very simple answer: ‘No, up to speed on everything I have up to this morning, there is no evidence of collusion’, Nunes said when asked about the issue in a television interview with Fox News.

For the congressman, some elements leaked information to undermine Trump´s presidency within the intelligence community and the FBI.

Before the November 8 elections, in which Trump defeated Democrat candidate Hillary Clinton, the Barack Obama government accused Russia of being behind cyberattacks on the Blue Party’s National Committee.

FBI Director James Comey and National Security Agency Director Mike Rogers will give their testimony today. They should speak out on allegations made by the ruler early March that his predecessor ordered wiretapping at New York’s Trump Tower.

At the request of the head of State, this issue was also included in the research carried out by the legislative groups.



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