Ecuador Opposition Loser Says He Will Challenge the Results

Quito, Apr 3 (Prensa Latina) Ecuador”s opposition candidate Guillermo Lasso, who lost in the second round of elections, warned that he will challenge the results of the vote, which is now witnessing the victory of the candidate Lenin Moreno.

The ex-banker of the CREO-SUMA coalition who called himself a winner after a polling-in poll, which favored him at the close of the vote, denounced fraud attempt from Guayaquil, where he was born.

Lasso stated that in the shortest time possible, his legal and technical advisers will present the objections related to alleged irregularities during the elections.

The comments of the leader of the right contradict affirmations of the National Electoral Council (CNE) and the missions of international observation, that assured and verified in situ the transparency of the process.

After the close of the count, with 100 percent of the minutes counted, the political organizations participating in the elections will have a period of time for challenges.

With the argument that the protests are legitimate in a democracy, Lasso called to take to the streets.

According to the official results, at the beginning of this day and with 96.51 percent of the votes counted, Moreno has 51.12 percent of the valid ballots, while Lasso is favored by 48.88 percent of voters.

The second round of elections took place the day before in the entire national territory and the circumscriptions abroad.



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