Maduro Warns of Violent Face of Ultra Right Wing in Venezuela

Caracas, Apr 28 (Prensa Latina) Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro asserted that in the next few hours he will reveal the violent face of the Democratic Unity Table (MUD) and the ultra-right, so that you will be aware of the truth of what is happening in Venezuela.

Maduro stressed that although he is limited to not interfering in matters that fall to the Public Prosecutor’s Office and the Judiciary, in the next few hours he will show ‘the horrible face of violence, death and destruction caused by MUD’ .

‘I will show everything there is, the whole truth, for you to know the truth,’ underlined the head of state through the Venezolana de Televisión channel.

He also warned that the media are trying to minimize the violent escalation of the ultra-right, in their attempt to assault political power, silencing the barbarities committed against hospitals, public care centers, transportation systems and even the murders of workers and public security officials.

He also called on all Venezuelans to ‘reject the violent and terrorist behavior of opposition sectors, which since April 6 have wanted to burn down the country, and have not been able to do it.’

He urged the population to maintain unity and continue to defeat the fascist coup that is driven by the oligarchic sectors of the Venezuelan opposition.

‘Everything that the right wing calls, does it for the threat and violence,’ he added, ‘and when the Bolivarian people go out there is peace, there is no aggression against anything or anyone.’



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