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Fidel Castro: Unidad e integración

Fidel Castro:Unidad e integracion, bases de la unidad en América Latina Continue reading


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January 24, 2017 · 11:01 am

Cuban Young People Will Share Experiences at Summit of the Americas

Havana, Mar 31 (Prensa Latina) Cuban Young people will share their experiences, realities and results at the 7th Summit of the Americas Youth Forum.

President of the Continental Latin American and Caribbean Students Organization Ricardo Guardia told Prensa Latina) that among the topics to be discussed in the Forum are the need t promote free and quality education and health care services, which are considered universal rights and fundamental for the radical transformation of America.

They will also discuss at the meeting next April, the need to promote youth employment policies, as well as others against drug abuse, in favor of security and real democratic participation, Guardia added.

Mora than 500 young people met at the Youth and Americas Forum, which held sessions today at the Pabellon Cuba venue, where they worked in commissions to discuss issues related to educations, health care, energy, governability and democratic participation, among others.

After the event signed a declaration asking for more equal, prosperous and fair societies in the Americas, that take into account the peoplesâ�Ö demands and guarantee human rights for all.

The Summit of the Americas proposes as main theme Prosperity with Equity: the Cooperation Challenge in the Americas, and, in order to achieve that prosperity we should talk about equal opportunities for all, therefore we have to talk about social justice, student leader said.

Cuban Young people also demand the lifting of the economic, commercial and financial blockade against Cuba, condemn the inclusion of Cuba in the list of state sponsors of terrorism and foreign interference against several governments in Latin America, especially Venezuela.


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