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Suitability of Staying in OAS Analyzed in Venezuela

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Chinese President to Meet Trump in U.S.

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March 30, 2017 · 7:56 pm

Trump representa un imperio que se hunde, afirma Atilio Borón

Por Raúl García Alvarez

México,24 mar (PL) El presidente de Estados Unidos, Donald Trump, representa un imperio que se hunde y que busca el oxígeno que perdió al tratar de ahogar a América Latina, aseguró hoy el politólogo argentino Atilio Borón.


Borón intervino en el seminario ‘La política del Trump’ en el marco del XXI Seminario Internacional del Partido del Trabajo (PT) en esta capital.

El destacado intelectual subrayó que el mandatario comenzó su fase de declive dispuesto a imponer una nueva agenda para la preservación del imperio.

Por tal motivo, agregó, propuso abandonar el neoliberalismo global que ha producido una crisis profunda, las regulaciones financieras y los tratados de libre comercio.

Ve como la alianza de Rusia-China vuelve a retomar ‘la ruta de la seda’ que hizo florecer a esa gran nación asiática en el siglo primero.

China emerge con una fuerza enorme mientras Estados Unidos se hunde, apuntó.

Para Andrés Barreda, de la Facultad de Economía de la Universidad Autónoma de México (UNAM), Trump es una amenaza en presente para su nación.

El país, analizó, vive la peor crisis humanitaria con una violencia estructural que proviene tanto del Estado como de organizaciones criminales con una suma de miles de muertes y desaparecidos.

A esta se suma la estrategia del Trump de ir contra las industrias norteamericanas que un día llegaron y dieron trabajo a miles de personas. Cuando esto suceda tendremos ciudades fantasmas en México, acotó.

Rubén Zardoya, de la Universidad de La Habana, indicó que Trump pretende sacar a la sociedad norteamericana de una crisis que el propio sistema imperial creó.

Ya Estados Unidos dejó de ser la gran potencia comercial ahora lucha en medidas proteccionistas que seguirán declinando su economía, explicó el académico cubano.


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US Ex-Officials File Affidavit Against Trump Immigration Order

The group, composed of 10 former diplomats and senior security officials, described the executive directive as ‘poorly conceived, poorly implemented and poorly explained,’ NBC News reported.

According to the text of the affidavit, the order cannot be justified on grounds of national security or foreign policy, since it does not fulfill its declared task of protecting the nation from the entry of foreign terrorists.

The document, also endorsed by former Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano and former CIA Director Michael Hayden, stressed that in fact very few attacks against US territory since that time have been linked with foreign citizens.

The former officials urged Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals not to reinstate the entry ban while deciding whether the president has the legal or constitutional authority to issue that order.

Trump signed on January 27 a directive banning the arrival of people from seven Muslim-majority countries for 90 days, and blocking the refugee program for four months, in the case of the Syrians, indefinitely.

See more Washington, Feb 6 (Prensa Latina) Several former US officials filed an affidavit against the immigration order signed by President Donald Trump, saying it made the country less secure, local media reported today.

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The blockade is the most serious obstacle to our economic development and the welfare of the Cuban people

raul obama


Full text of statement to the press by Army General Raúl Castro Ruz, President of the Councils of State and Ministers of the Republic of Cuba, at the Palace of the Revolution on March 21, 2016, “Year 58 of the Revolution” .

Author: Granma |

march 24, 2016 11:03:18

Photo: Estudio Revolución
(Council of State transcript / GI translation)

Good afternoon.
Mr. President Barack Obama:

We are pleased to welcome the first visit by a U.S. president to our country in 88 years.

We hope that during your brief stay on the island you will be able to appreciate the hospitality of the Cuban people, who have never harbored feelings of animosity toward the American people, to whom we are united by historical, cultural and emotional ties.

Your visit is an important step in the process toward the improvement of bilateral relations, which we hope will help advance further progress in our ties, to the benefit of both nations and the region.

We have just held a constructive and useful meeting, which continues on from the previous two we held in Panama and New York.

We note that in the 15 months since we announced the decision to reestablish diplomatic relations we have achieved concrete results.

We resumed direct postal mail and signed an agreement to reestablish regular flights.

We have expanded cooperation in areas of mutual interest. We signed two memorandums of understanding on environmental protection and marine areas, and another to improve the safety of maritime navigation. Today another will be signed on cooperation in agriculture.

Currently, another group of bilateral instruments for cooperation in areas such as combating drug trafficking, security of trade and travelers, and health are being negotiated. On the latter, we have agreed to intensify cooperation in the prevention and treatment of communicable diseases such as the Zika virus and chronic non-communicable diseases, including cancer. This cooperation is beneficial not only to Cuba and the United States, but also to our hemisphere.

Since the decisions taken by President Obama to modify the application of some aspects of the blockade, Cuban companies and their U.S. counterparts have been working to identify potential trade operations within the still restrictive framework of the regulations in force.

Some have been concretized, particularly in the area of telecommunications, an area in which our country has a program based on its development priorities and the necessary technological sovereignty to ensure the appropriate use of these to serve national interests.

Negotiations are also advancing on the purchase of medicines, medical equipment and equipment for power generation and environmental protection, among others.

Much more could be done if the U.S. blockade was lifted. Continue reading

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