We are Cubans who wish to share information with people and exchange information about our countries.


10 responses to “WHO ARE WE?

  1. “Arnold August offers us his deep analysis of Cuban reality in its own
    historical context. It is a balanced approach toward Cuban democracy, a system that is not perfect, but is fully Cuban. From his own viewpoint as an expert analyst, August reveals before his readers’ eyes a reality that is silenced or distorted by the mainstream media. For the Cuban audience, the book is proof of acknowledgement by non-Cubans who know, admire and defend the essence of the Cuban social process. This is a must-read if one really wants to understand Cuba and the struggle of the Cuban people.”

    — Luis Chirino, Cuban journalist, university professor at Instituto Internacional de Periodismo José Martí and member of the professional association of Cuban journalists, Unión de Periodistas de Cuba (UPEC)


  2. Anthony B

    Dear Comrades,

    Please see our campaign in Britain, in support of the Cuban revolution, ‘Rock Around the Blockade’.
    We provide a lot of information to the public on socialism and the story from Cuba’s side. We fight for socialism and equality inside imperialist Britain.




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